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SOS Token

SOS Token is an alarm button that you should always have by your side for emergency situations like assault or health problem.
Watch the video to get an idea of how it works.

Freight / Passenger Drivers

You who are on the street carrying people or cargo are subject to robbery or kidnapping.
With SOS Token you can notify your friends or family when a situation occurs so they can get help as quickly as possible.
Your position and everything being spoken on the vehicle will be transmitted.

People who live alone

You or some family member lives alone, or spend a lot of time alone in the house, SOS Token can warn you when a health problem happens and they are unable to reach a phone to warn you.
An alarm will ring at the selected contacts and everything that is being spoken will be transmitted along with the location.


Your kids will come and go ballads with taxi services or apps, now they can activate the SOS app so you can track the ride to the final destination with or without the ambient sound of the vehicle.

Does your mother live alone?

In any emergency situation, she can trigger the SOS Token and you, in less than a minute, will receive a warning on your cell phone and you can know the location and everything that is being spoken in the environment and can take the necessary steps to help you.

Are you an application or transportation driver?

The SOS Token was designed to give greater security in your day to day life.
The number of security incidents in large cities has increased dramatically.
Today it is only possible to warn someone of an occurrence when it is finished, with SOS Token within a minute after the start of the occurrence your contacts can be warned and will know your position and everything that is spoken inside the vehicle can trigger the police so you can arrest the bad guys, with the fact still in progress.
The SOS app will indicate your position at all times.

Is the safety of your city in trouble?

If you live in a dangerous city, and in our country is increasing the index of security problems, we recommend that you always have the SOS Token.
Beside a situation, unfortunately, commonplace in our cities.


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